Good youtube channels

good youtube channels

YouTube is amazing. But it's a behemoth and it's easy to get stuck in a viewing rut — I'd say it's practically guaranteed. That's not too surprising when you think. We asked YouTube to unveil its highest-subscribed indie content creators -- meaning no VEVO, professional, or in-house channels -- to see. The channel is updated fairly regularly, providing you with new bits of tat to Some of the very best animations and CGI on YouTube, bar none. Taofledermous, this guy will shoot anything he can fit into a shotgun shell, anoncenkostenlos record it free slots unicorn game super slow motion. Wimmelbilder spielen kostenlos I really do mean that he is amazing, he's very relatable and seriously, could bitcoins sofort hate him? It's a bit of a time commitment. Top Ad blocker Best Youtube Channels. Prepare yourselves for Ruffio Lorenzo, the worlds greatest cat burglar. good youtube channels Best of all, they require little to no equipment and minimal space, making it easy to stay in shape no matter what your schedule or living situation. Always remember that one day, you could be the star of a fail video, because this channel accepts fan submissions. Plus, you learn a lot of interesting food-related history that you would not learn in a typical history course. The video was really sad, he sounded like he was on the verge of breaking down. As Middling As It Gets. Questions seeking professional advice are inappropriate for this subreddit and will be removed. This channel became my addiction when that fried chicken video was posted on Reddit five months ago and now I'm subscribed to their YouTube, a patron on their Patreon, and I have their calendar hanging on my kitchen wall for inspiration! I was hoping he'd be number 1! Defiantly worth a watch if you like goofy play throughs and some original skits and stuff Edit: And for the last one, it's more cross media but there are some movies to find in there as well, Kaptainkristian. If you based him just off the angry video game nerd I wouldn't have voted for him, but its just the other videos like his documentary type videos he makes about what made him become what a film fan today and just all the heart he puts into it, that's what lands him as my favorite. I was binge watching Ahoy the other night with his weapons series and nuclear fruit. Trending related Southwest Reveals Flights With Insane Views of the Total Solar Eclipse. Beginners should start with the As Fast As Possible playlist, which features short videos that explain basic technology and terms. Filter posts by subject: Id recommend Team Double Dragon - Sips and Lewis' gaming channel. I was wondering why I was getting more views today.. Smosh and ShaneDawsonTV are the best channels on YouTube! In the Maker Tours series, Savage visits all sorts of different creators to learn about their projects.

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